Team Skill Work

During our first official season of operation in 2018-19, we worked with a couple different minor hockey associations to coordinate On-Ice Skill programs. This coming season of 2019-20, we have over doubled that amount- the reason being our innovative approach to teaching and translating skill. We welcome your inquiry for your team, and also encourage you to look through a couple of options we have for teams. 
As far as frequency with each team, every organization or team is different. We suggest for maximum results we do a minimum of 1 session per month with a team. 


Often times, issues in a teams’ game boils down to a lack of fundamental skill in one or more areas. We cover Power Skating, Passing, Shooting, Puck Handling, Game Awareness/Hockey Sense, Checking (if applicable), some Positional Skill Work, and more. No system in the world will compensate for a lack of basic skills. How we separate from others, is that we break each skill down into segments- and after perfecting the form through specialized movements, combine it into the skill itself. We then add speed and pressure, and finally implement it into game scenerio’s. Anybody can execute a skill with no pressure, and without any decisions to make. After repetition and progression of a skill, we throw it into players’ game situations to allow them to move through the movements that way. This makes the transfer of skill into games much easier.

Game Skill Development

This is where we utilize our “Game Analysis” and “Player Development Analytics” after filming one of your games. This is very detailed and covers around 20 aspects of a teams’ game. Even after introducing the film aspect of team development, lots of times we still need to go back to the fundamentals. We first narrow down areas that need work, but a majority of the time Step 1 is to master the skills within that area. Then, look at the decision making/tactics that the area entails. Player positioning, puck placement, routes, etc. Once both of these have been taken care of, it is a matter of throwing it into a unified structure.

Game Analysis includes: Minimum of 30 instructional videos, team analytics, positional analytics, feedback, and a full analysis.

For more information on our Game Analysis/Analytics, please check out our other pages! 

For pricing, feel free to contact us and we will help align an appropriate plan that fits your budget.