Team Off-Ice Training

In combination with our Strength/Conditioning programs for individual players and small groups, we are now offering off-ice training for hockey teams as a large group. Just like the rest of his training, Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Petrie tailors the work outs to the participants’ age and playing level. Although personal attention obviously will not be what a small group or individual environment is, his primary focus is still proper technique through each movement, maximizing each set and repetition, utilizing exercises that will relate to the ice, and a positive environment that will also act as a team builder.

With training sessions being held at the state of the art gym Snap Fitness in Lacombe, resources are nearly unlimited for gym equipment. Focus will be mainly on hockey-specific explosive movements, foot and body speed, athleticism, reactionary speed, and some of the most important aspects during the season- mobility, flexibility, and recovery. Maximizing range of motion and therefore preventing injuries is paramount.

If you are interested in our Team Training services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Price per hour for team training is $105/Hour.