Skill & Prep Camps


Since we began in 2018, our high-calibre camps continue to be one of our calling cards. We offer camps for players aged U7, right up to the U18/Junior ages. Our signature event is our annual ‘Lacombe Prep Camp’, with age groups from U7 up to U18, taking place at the end of August.

No matter the age, every ice session we aim to maximize the activity of every player involved, maximize player technical and tactical development to game transfer, and have the highest coach-to-player ratio as possible. We truly care about the improvement and enjoyment of our athletes, therefore have high expectations for each player attending. 

We also pride ourselves as teachers of the game. Whether you are attending a Skills Camp where the primary focus is “building the tools in the tool box”, or Prep Camps where our mission is to prepare you for upcoming try-outs, our promise to you is that we as a staff, will work our very hardest to help improve your game and build confidence. All that we ask, is that we receive full effort in return. Neither we, nor coaches at the next level, can help you improve if you are not willing to fully buy-in yourself! 

PREP CAMPS (U9 up to Junior aged):

Each and every year, we host “Prep” camps in both the spring and fall so attending players can be their very best once try-outs begin. The primary objectives of these camps are tempo, proper practice and game habits, maintaining high compete through game-like scenarios, fine-tuning skill sets, and creating new skill pathways. We thoroughly review each player that we accept in our camp, so that our quality remains high, and each player in camp can be and is pushed to be better. Our participants must possess a drive to be better each and every session, have great attention to detail, be willing to learn, and represent themselves well off the ice.

What do our Prep Camps entail?

  • Individual Skill Development
  • Individual and Team Tactics
  • Position-Specific Skill Development
  • Small Area Games
  • Game Scenario’s
  • Game IQ/Awareness Improvement
  • Conditioning

SKILL CAMPS (U7 up to junior aged):

Our themed skill camps are unlike any others you will find. While some are position-specific, others are skill-specific, such as checking or shooting & scoring. We are continually raising the bar when it comes to improving our development techniques, and ways to transfer them directly to your game. 

Our Skill Camps have end goals in mind; but like anything else, the process is ultimately the most important. We start with the fundamentals, and build our way upwards from there. As part of our promise, and our motto “Develop and Transfer”, our skill work does not end in building the skill. Transferring your new elite-level skill is a must! Reading the play, and then being able to utilize the skill to create or take away an advantage, is just as important as having the skill itself. For example, you can have the hardest shot in the league, but if you can’t get to good ice to use it or take too long to release the shot… your opportunities to use that asset are limited at the next level. 

Our live video analysis is something we use for every player in our skill camps, for a visual teaching aid, and for immediate feedback/correction to the athlete!


Check out “Our Approach” to learn more about our skill development philosophy!