Our Approach


 Whether you are a player looking for individual fine-tuning through video analysis or on-ice work, or a team in need of skill development, we are driven to make you better. From power skating & dynamic edge control, to puck skills, to positional-specific skill, and quite literally everything in between, we have both the expertise and the teaching methods to create results fast. We pride ourselves on maximizing the value our sessions provide, with tireless preparation leading to strong execution and high efficiency. Variety, effective communication, and skill stacking towards a game transfer being at the top of our priority list. These lead to speed and confidence.
 Our skill development takes a technical, tactical, and game application approach through high repetition, and detailed work. We are strong proponents of implementing small area games/game situations to transfer our work, and utilize skill growth in a competitive, high energy setting. This is all geared towards our 3 core values:
  1. Skill transfer to a game environment.
  2. Developing and preparing players to play at the next level.
  3. Enhancing leadership skills. Having a positive influence on those around you, and making the rink a fun place to be.



With our latest partnership with Edge Boss Hockey, you can be assured that not only do we have the expertise and teaching methods to get you where you need to go, but also the tools & resources. We find the Edge Boss products very helpful during the skill building process as they allow for a lot of function and variety.

It is no secret that the skill development industry is a fast-evolving and innovative business. Our promise is that at CrossIce, we have the cutting-edge knowledge, and will invest more time and effort in to you than anybody else will, to teach and apply the material we are working on.

Some skills/tactics that we emphasize as part of our program:

  • Weight Distribution, Balance, Posture
  • Edge Discovery/Control
  • Acceleration & Separation Speed
  • Changes of Direction, Transitions, and Deceptive Skating
  • Stride Mechanics- Efficiency and Power
  • Checking & Defending- stick & body positioning, angling, stick checking, body checking when applicable
  • Passing/Puck Movement Skills and Tactics
  • Puck Control, Placement, and Protection (good hands are often misrepresented in the skill development industry!)
  • Fakes and Deception
  • Shooting Mechanics and Goal Scoring Tactics
  • Play Processing Speed
  • Situational Awareness and Game Intelligence
  • Positional-Specific Deception & Skills

One of our signature services is the use of game video analysis. However, we also love incorporating the use of live video analysis while we work through specialized skill work on the ice- for immediate player feedback, visual learning, and to break down the issues at hand in great detail! Clips and analysis are then sent to the player to review upon completion of the skate.