Our Approach

Developing offence has been a huge part of what we do now for over 2 years! From shooting, to power skating, to entering the offensive zone, to generating scoring chances… we cover it all to make you and your team more of a threat offensively!

Shooting and offensive skill development in general, have been our most desired services from our clients when it has come to skill work. While the shot itself is a big part, it is by no means the only skill that needs time and attention when we talk about scoring. There are often other underlying issues preventing players and teams from generating offence, and furthermore, scoring goals. It is no secret that offence is evolving and is more dynamic than ever, and at CrossIce, we have the cutting-edge knowledge to teach and apply concepts to clients’ games in specific.

What most miss when focusing on scoring, is the surrounding skills around shooting, that creates scoring opportunities. Why are players spending hour after hour shooting the puck if they can’t put themselves in a spot to shoot, collect a puck properly to release, or adjust to passing angles?

Some of the pre-requisite skills prior to goal scoring that we emphasize as part of our program:

  • Edge Control and Separation Speed
  • Pass Delivery & Reception
  • Puck Control and Placement
  • Fakes and Deception
  • Puck Protection
  • Hand Speed
  • Awareness and Puck Intelligence

What skills are needed in each scenario before and after you shoot, and how can you play off of instinct and manipulate a play to achieve high-quality shooting space? Without all of the above skills, you will not achieve full confidence in your shot! One of these equation parts could also be the difference between a Grade “A” scoring chance and a Grade “B.”

Shooting in stride, changing the angle of the shot, and creating rebounds are all “hot terms” in development today. But do players understand the “why” behind these, do they have the tools to blend so they can execute, and most importantly… do they know when to execute these skills?

When we look at just the shot itself; we dive in with such precise detail inareas such as:

  1. The Base (stance, hand/body separation, hip snap, etc)
  2. Stick Diagnostics
  3. Puck/Blade Placement
  4. Hand Positioning
  5. Release Technique and Release Points
  6. Follow-through

We love incorporating the use of live video analysis while we work on shooting and skills- for immediate player visual learning, and to break down the underlying issues in great detail!