Our Approach

We are confident when we say that you will not find higher quality skill development, in the Central Alberta region! From power skating & dynamic edge control, to puck skills, to positional skill, and quite literally everything in between, we have both the expertise, and the teaching methods to allow you and/or your team to be as dominant as possible every time you step onto the ice. Our skill development takes a technical, tactical, and game application approach through high repetition, and detailed work. We are strong proponents of implementing small area games to transfer, and utilize skill growth in a competitive, high energy setting. This is all geared towards our 3 core values:
  1. Skill transfer to a game environment.
  2. Developing and preparing players to play at the next level.
  3. Enhancing leadership skills. Having a positive influence on those around you, and making the rink a fun place to be. 


The CrossIce team prides themselves as teachers, connecting with our players and teams to break-down, acquire, and build skill. We also help diagnose the true limiting factors in their game from a skill standpoint, and then develop a plan to improve and enhance them properly. They then can seamlessly be transitioned into a game environment, which is the ultimate measuring tool! Often times players and coaches are hesitant to step back and work on individual skill and tactics during practices, when often times, it is holding them back. No system or set play in the world will work, if players are unable to execute or utilize fundamental skills within. 


                                                                                       TECHNICAL SKILL… TACTICAL SKILL… GAME APPLICATION




With our latest partnership with Edge Boss Hockey, you can be assured that not only do we have the expertise and development programs to get you where you need to go, but also the tools & resources. Knowing that on-ice equipment must be used in correct applications, we find it very helpful during the process as it allows us to magnify the skill at hand, as well as make progressions somewhat game-like. In other words, it provides us with a lot of variety, and function. 

It is no secret that the skill development industry is a fast-evolving and innovative business. Our promise is that at CrossIce, we have the cutting-edge knowledge, and will invest more in to you, than anybody else will, to teach and apply the material we are working on. 

Some skills/tactics that we emphasize as part of our program:

  • Elite Edge Control and Separation Speed/Acceleration
  • Changes of Direction, Transitions, and Deceptive Skating
  • Stride Mechanics, Efficiency, and Power
  • Checking & Defending- positioning, angling, stick checking, body contact when applicable
  • Pass Delivery & Reception
  • Puck Control, Placement, and Protection (good hands are often misrepresented in the skill development industry!)
  • Fakes and Deception
  • Shooting Mechanics and Goal Scoring Tactics
  • Play Processing Speed
  • Awareness and Game Intelligence
  • Positional-Specific Skills

We love incorporating the use of live video analysis while we work through specialized skill work- for immediate player feedback, visual learning opportunities, and to break down the issues at hand in great detail!