Individual Development

At CrossIce, we are different from the rest in the sense that we embrace working with our clients individually. The value that each client receives with individual on-ice skill development for one session, is more than likely higher instruction time than an entire camp is! While camps with high-calibre players are needed and can’t be neglected, they are not your only choice for honest development. Details, and tailored work for the player are what is crucial for an accelerated improvement.

We are more than happy to review game film of your game, to closely analyze your shot creation, execution, and skill set surrounding offensive opportunities. When you the client reach out to us- we take your shot and skill development very seriously. We dive into what the true underlying issues are, what skills are missing and must be plugged in, and how we can transform your game to match our shot excellence formula. When lots of skills coaches work with players- you see them working through technique. This may not necessarily be the issue! It potentially could be pass collection, or perhaps awareness. Every player is different, and that is what makes our job so exciting… every player is a new challenge!

What do we cover for individual development?

Just like you may have saw under “Our Approach”, we specialize in shooting development. With that being said, our areas of expertise do, and must, cover the following:

  • Pass Delivery/Collection
  • Puck Control and Placement
  • Deception
  • First Step Speed/Separation Speed
  • Awareness/Game IQ
  • Shot Technique, Options, and Execution
  • Scoring Tactics for forwards and defensemen!

Where to start?

Begin by reaching out to us about reviewing game film if possible. If you feel that you are not creating enough offence, or capitalizing on scoring chances, or just simply are not confident in your shooting abilities, consult with us about setting up a private session. We offer individual skill work in the Edmonton region and all of Central Alberta!