Individual Development

At CrossIce, we are different from everybody else, in the sense that we also embrace working with our clients individually, and not just in a camp setting. The value and amount of attention that each athlete receives with 1-on-1 on-ice skill development in one session, is near the amount, or more they receive in an entire camp! While the need for attending camps with similar calibre players can not be neglected, they are not, and quite frankly shouldn’t be, your only choice for complete development. Personalized, tailored coaching for the player is crucial for accelerated improvement.


One of our many development tools that we have utilized since we began in 2018, is the use of sport video analysis. This gives us a very detailed, and insightful look into your skill deficiencies, game habits/tactics, and how we can create a path for you to not only maximize your identity as a player, but round out your complete game. We dive into what the true underlying issues are, what skills are missing or under-developed, and how we can evolve your game to instil confidence every shift. We utilize video analysis not only for your game, but also during and after our on-ice sessions together. Every player is different, and that is what makes our job so exciting… every player is a new challenge!

How does the process work?

Please reach out to us to initiate a plan that is right for you. Whether you are looking for a full-season development plan, or just a short time for some fine-tuning, we can align something to kickstart your path to improvement!

Check out the “Our Approach” page for more information on what we offer for skill development!


Game Analysis- includes CrossIce filming/editing software, full game/skills report, visual broken down analysis, sent to the player and parents within 72 hours of filming!

Skills Session- minimum 1 hour of on-ice time with a CrossIce skills instructor. Athlete and coach to meet at the rink 60 minutes prior to the ice time, to review game analysis in-person. iPad sport editing video will be used during the skate for immediate feedback & teaching.

SILVER Package:

1 Game Analysis & 1 Skills Session- $325.00 plus ice cost and GST

GOLD Package:

2 Game Analysis & 3 Skills Sessions- $700.00 plus ice cost and GST


4 Game Analysis & 6 Skills Sessions- $1,250.00 plus ice cost and GST

Where to start?

Begin by reaching out to us at the contact information provided. We offer individual development all the way from Airdrie, to Edmonton!