CrossIce Developments is leading the way in elite off-ice training programs for players to maximize their training. This is led by Owner/Founder Chance Szott himself, but primarily Athlete Development/Sports Performance Specialist Jason Petrie. Between the two of them, they have a plethora of knowledge surrounding body mechanics, human movement, strength alignment/development, proper training phases for hockey, injury prevention and recovery, and so much more. Most importantly, with combined experience in elite hockey of over 25 years- they know how crucial proper training and diet programs are, for players to reach their maximum potential on the ice. Due to our recent partnership with SNAP Fitness in Lacombe, we have a state of the art, 7000 square foot facility with countless  fitness resources at our fingertips, that will contribute to your regular training regime.

It is no secret that the work involved to improve nowadays is not just on the ice. It is not a matter of if you are training anymore, it is a matter of how much harder and more effective you are training than your competition. Hockey specific work outs are extremely important, but what is more important is tailoring the program to help you as a player improve what you need to, so it translates directly on to the ice. Not all players require the same workout program. We are proud to say that we watch you on the ice before we begin training in the gym. 

Correcting posture and muscle imbalances is paramount to begin so the foundation is set and the body is aligned. After that, we develop a tailored program for our clients based on our initial consultation, and knowing detailed information about you as a hockey player, and/or person. We require a lot of details, but we also take your training very seriously and know how crucial the small time frame you get in the gym really is. Having a trainer with hockey operations knowledge and game specific insight has tremendous value in the gym for hockey players.

We take the following into consideration when developing a players routine:

    • Age
    • Size
    • Body Type
    • Genetics
    • Position 
    • Past Injuries
    • Movement Patterns
      • Skating Habits 
      • Style of Play 

Hockey players do not become better skaters by skating over and over again reinforcing poor habits. A large part of skating is in the gym, based on recruiting proper motor units and translatable motor patterns. A strength foundation, power, speed, and flexibility are all vital to a smooth and efficient skater.


BELOW ARE OUR TRAINING COSTS (GST included in prices):

*** Packages are available upon request***

1 on 1 Individual Hourly Rate- $65/Hour

Small Group Training (2-6 players)- $85/Hour

Team Training- $100/Hour