Elite Power Skating



In the summer of 2020, we added a critical element to our staff that we were missing. REANNA JORDAN joined CrossIce Developments as our Lead Power Skating Coach, with 5 years of University Hockey under her belt, as well as years of power skating experience. Reanna is originally from Ponoka, Alberta, and grew up playing in the Lacombe Minor Hockey Association. Her and the rest of the CrossIce staff, are aware of the importance of improving skating skills as every other skill in hockey relies on them. 


Her philosophy:

“The power skating program that I plan to implement with CrossIce is geared towards young athletes who have aspirations to become stronger, faster, and more confident skaters.

Players will receive instruction that is key to enhancing their skating proficiency by developing muscle memory through proper repetition and game performance drills. By doing so, athletes will have success transferring these skills and abilities in to their respective games. The key components that athletes will focus on include length of stride, quick recovery, low recovery, depth, and arm movement. Edge work will be prioritized when necessary for players to gain confidence and trust their skating ability.

Feedback will be immediate, and focus on the growth of the individual player. Athletes will have the opportunity to improve their skating ability through our innovative framework and dedicated instruction.”

Through specialized training and drills, Reanna and the rest of the CrossIce staffs’ power skating program not only covers the following- but permits athletes to carry them forward into their game-like drills so you can directly transfer your corrected technique and new speed!

  • Posture and Stance
  • Balance, Body Control, Weight Distribution
  • Dynamic Edge Control and Athleticism
  • Forwards and Backwards Stride Mechanics
  • Acceleration & Separation Speed
  • Turning & Crossovers
  • Pivots & Transitions
  • Linear Crossovers
  • Changes of Speed
  • Speed with the Puck
  • Deceptive, positional-specific skating

Power Skating development is an integral part of our summer prep and skill camps, as well as a vital piece to our skill development platform we offer to our minor hockey associations! Please reach out to us about setting up private power skating lessons if interested.