Camp Listings

Please head to the registration page to sign up for a camp! Payment for all camps can be done via cheque made out to CrossIce Developments, E-Transfer, or Cash.

CURRENTLY OUR 2020 OFF-SEASON CAMPS ARE ALL WRAPPED UP! We thank all athletes and parents who chose to support the CrossIce brand this summer. We can’t wait for another summer of development next year!


1 session per month for each age group- U11, U13, U15 & U18, beginning Friday, October 16th. These will take place every second Friday at the Ponoka Culture & Rec Complex.

Some more information from Owner/Founder Chance Szott:

“These skates are a fantastic opportunity for local athletes to get some of the best quality skill development work offered in the Central Alberta region, right in the players’ home town. With it being more of a “camp” feel this year instead of taking over practices like last season, it will be more tailored for skill work than team tactics or help with systems. For the price of $100.00 for the season, which includes 5 skill sessions for each attending player, I truly think this is a phenomenal bang for your buck.

On top of players’ regular practices, you can not ask for a much better opportunity for players to be able to improve their own personalized skill, and furthermore have skill coaches available to help out with any pieces of your game you struggle with. Often times practices are filled with team-based drills and systems, and rightfully so as these aspects are crucial for team success. For maximized growth as a player, you must never halt the improvement of your own skill set. These extra sessions are the perfect opportunity to improve the “tools in your tool box”, and have more to offer for your team come game time, as well as next years try-out time!”

Sessions will cover elite power skating from skating coach Reanna Jordan, pass delivery/reception, puck control & protection, shooting & scoring development, positional work, small area games, as well as game awareness.