We are very proud to say that GAME ANALYSIS has emerged as one of our premiere services, and is one of the areas that truly separates us from the rest. We complete everything from the video work itself, the detailed analysis, the follow up reports and video clips, as well as taking the player/team on the ice to work on what we determined from the analysis.  Learn how you can not just increase your skill set; but fix the limiting factors of your game, and build the habits to create more time and space, puck possession, and positive play percentages.

At CrossIce, we prefer working with our players and teams more intimately rather than working on generic skill development. That is why we want to see you play, break down your game into great detail, and determine the underlying skill issues at hand. We want to look deeply into a players’ and/or teams’ game and essentially, watch it through their eyes to see what they see, and combine that with our analysis, to determine what they need to change or acquire.

How is it executed?

You may choose a 1 Game, 3 Game, or 5 Game Video Analysis Package. Prices can be determined by contacting us.

The plan is executed as follows:

  1. Game Analysis- preferably live filmed by CrossIce Developments using our editing software, if not possible, then video sent to us. We then analyze your game, collect position-based and if applicable, team analytics, analyze habits, assess skill limitations, break down clips, and put together your full analysis report. 
  2. Complete Analysis including report and instructional video, presented or sent to the player/team (teams a minimum of 30 instructional videos)-  clips broken down and walked through, statistics given to player/team for relevant data, and detailed analysis explained.
  3. Create a Development Plan to work on specified areas of weakness indicated by the analysis. What areas do we need to address? What skills need to be acquired, in what order, to be sustained in order to create more opportunities? In what ways can we maximize skill set amongst a team structure?
  4.  On-Ice Sessions- we then take your tailored development plan to the ice to work on the areas of opportunity based off of your analysis- first address the skill, add skill blends, pressure & speed, and then translate into game scenario’s to teach how to manipulate and control. 
  5. Translate your new skills and impactful habits into your game and enjoy the results!

Please contact us by calling 780-781-8004 or e-mailing info@crossicedevelopments.com for pricing and further details!