Recruitment Packages

An excellent method of marketing yourself as a player is being able to compile a video package of clips including what you offer as a player. CrossIce is excited to announce that we are adding the ability to put together highlight videos for you as a player starting in 2019. Not only does a highlight video demonstrate what you can do as a player- it also shows a coach or scout great initiative on your part to take that next step in marketing yourself. What do you do well as a player? What sets you apart? Along with your player and background information, you will be able to show the coaches a glimpse of what you can add to their roster. It is executed as follows:

  1. Choose a Plan- either we come to video your games and cut out your best clips, or we are sent games/clips.
  2. We then take all of these clips and organize them into different categories (ie. for a defenseman- goals, outlet passes, breaking up plays, etc.) or we scatter them in no particular order- and compile them into a 3-5 minute video.
  3. Finalize the Video- we make sure enough of each aspect of your game you offer is included, and we then send the video to the client for confirmation.
  4. Once it is confirmed, we create a link and publish the video so you can send it out and it may be posted online.

Contact CrossIce Developments today to find out our different packages for video breakdown and also recruiting packages today!