We offer multiple choices for on-ice work, depending on what you are looking for. Throughout the season, we specialize in mostly skill development with elite teams and minor hockey associations, as well as individual skill sessions. In the off-season, CrossIce always has numerous options for camps; including Prep Camps, Power Skating or Skills Camps, and more! If you are looking for individual skill sessions, please reach out to us about an initial consultation and game analysis.

At CrossIce, we are truly raising the bar and evolving our on-ice development techniques constantly. We are firm believers that skill itself, does not stop at the fundamentals. While important and not to be ignored, we furthermore embrace diving into skill blends, puck intelligence, awareness, game habits, and so much more. Our high-intensity camps are an excellent way for players to improve in a group setting, and compete against players of their calibre, especially when coming up on try-outs. Individualized on-ice training is targeted at the details and limiting factors of your personal game.

We know the value of the investment as well as the time you have chose to dedicate; and our job is to pinpoint what you need to correct or add to your game, so we make your time with us as efficient as possible. Quickly determining what is limiting your game as a team or player, and fixing the skill deficiencies and thought processing behind it, is paramount.

With staff that are involved in Jr A Hockey and above, we know what teams are looking for at the next level, and what takes a player from Bantam AAA to Major Midget AAA, Midget to Junior A, or from Female Midget AAA to Division I College Hockey. Along with our help, you must be willing to put in the work to achieve these!

PREP CAMPS- preparing players for upcoming try-outs and training camps. These camps include high tempo passing and skating, small area games, timing and spacing scenarios, game-like scenario’s, position specific skill work, and so much more! These camps provide a seamless transition from your season or off-ice training, into your try-out process.

POWER SKATING- fine tune your stride and skating ability by developing your first three steps, stride mechanics, turning and crossovers, and speed with the puck. First and foremost we work on technique, then we add speed, and different from most, we utilize that work in game situations. Video Break-Down is also incorporated.

SKILLS CAMPS- with a good chunk of these camps position-specific, we first start with the fundamentals and work our way up. Skill blends are crucial, but the reading/decision making portion is just as much of a skill as raw skill set is. Angles, timing, spacing, and knowing when to execute a skill, are just some of the areas we focus on after we “build the tools in the toolbox.” Forward and defenceman specific skills are a big part of these camps.

INDIVIDUAL ON-ICE- we base these off of our Game Analysis which you can find under “Elite Video Services.” What skills need to be plugged in that are missing? What aspects of your game are you struggling with? How can you dictate the game to allow your specific skill set to take over, with and without the puck? 1-on-1 instruction is incredibly efficient, and results are fast.



For more information or to register for one of our training camps, contact us today!