Our power skating instruction is not only the platform of what we offer, but also every hockey players’ for their entire game. Stronger skaters always lead to more fluid and skilled hockey players.

We challenge our players to push past their comfort zone which will in turn improve their confidence on their blades. Faster feet are not always necessarily better in hockey, rather being smooth and effortless should be the goal. Having a strong skating base with excellent posture is the starting point. Some key areas that we emphasize as part of our frequent skating work:

Champions become champions before they are actually champions. They have a standard of performance before they win.

-Bill Walsh, 3 time super bowl champion


Athletes will have the opportunity to improve their skating ability through our innovative framework and dedicated instruction. The end goal is for players to have maximum skating efficiency, power, and balance. It is no secret that the top evaluation criteria for a large percentage of recruiters is skating. All other skills on the ice are improved faster with great blade and body weight awareness.

Even the best fall down sometimes, but only the best get right back up.