CrossIce offers complete Analytics done for teams, all the way from Bantam up to Professional hockey. What are analytics?

Analytics offers insight into various areas of a teams’ game, through the use of advanced statistics. The areas that analytics cover are extremely important, but we dive into it at a deeper level. Most coaches or teams just do not have the resources to put numbers behind these areas, or furthermore, have formulas to be able to track how well they are exactly doing in these aspects. Nobody can argue with numbers- and when team personnel are presented with statistics surrounding game scenarios, this is a massive development tool!

Many of hockey fans have heard about the Corsi/Fenwick Stat or Zone Starts- but it does not stop there. Although crucial and not to be discluded, we are just scratching the surface with those. For those who do not know- Corsi is a measure of shot attempts to determine the shot attempt differential of either a team or individual player, to get a sense of puck possession while they are on the ice. Corsi includes shots, shot attempts, and blocked shots. In order to attempt to take a shot, we obviously must have possession of the puck. Corsi is up to date the most accurate measure of possession. When the stat Fenwick was created, it did not include blocked shots as a shot attempt as it believed that if a player blocks a shot or gets a stick on it, it should not count against them as a shot attempt. Most of the time, Corsi is used as the most accurate measure of puck possession.

Where CrossIce dives in deeper into the analytical world- is putting numbers behind various important game situations so we have hard numbers to see what we need to work on the most. Often times our eyes lie to us, coaches get caught up in the emotions of the game, and the one look we do get at a game happens so quickly that we may falsely diagnose our issues as a team. Math does not lie.

Some of the Analytics we accurately track in games includes the following:

  • Corsi/Fenwick Percentages (Team and Individuals)
  • Zone Start Percentages
  • Zone Exits and possession upon a zone exit
  • Zone Entries and the results from them
  • Graded Scoring Chances
  • Shot Locations
  • Position Specific Analytics (very detailed)

These can be done as total numbers from a team, or if we want to get more specific; as a line. To dissect one particular statistic- Zone Entries. We track the structure of it- did the team have a triple lane drive as needed or not, and were our defenseman an option on the zone entry. The results include; Grade A Scoring Chance, Grade B Scoring Chance, Grade F Scoring Chance, Turnover, Blocked Shot, Broken Play, Neutral Possession, Dump In, or a supported chip in. If we can break these down with each line, this allows us to improve each lines chances of improving their zone entries.

One particular area that we truly pride ourselves on is innovating the positional analytics. This is where we break down forwards and defence- collect data in critical areas that make them successful. The insight that the position-specific analytics provides is second to none, and we have seen with numerous players how fast it helps them identify areas of missed opportunity and improvement. If you wish to find out more about our position-specific analytics, please contact us.

The faster we trouble-shoot weaknesses, the faster we improve. But before we properly trouble- shoot, we have to identify the underlying issues fast.