Family advising and player marketing are becoming a very popular tool for players looking to be

A) Exposed to Major Junior, Junior A, or College Hockey Teams

B) Properly navigate the hockey paths and make the most educated and informative decisions that will better their hockey and careers

C) Prepare them from an education perspective for post-secondary schooling

CrossIce’s players range from Junior A down to Bantam AA, and we are proud to be helping them through their young hockey careers and guiding them and their families down the avenues that set them up to reaching their goals. Whether it is exposure, choosing between camps, obtaining a scholarship, maintaining your eligibility- we are there for you.

At CrossIce Developments, we have seen many players slip through the cracks who we felt shouldn’t have for many of reasons. They did not have the right opportunities to showcase themselves, did not begin preparing early enough, had too poor of grades in school, or were just simply uneducated on what camps to attend or routes to follow.

Having the right family advisor is critical to ensuring your son or daughters’ opportunities are the right ones for him or her, and that college eligibility is never thrown into jeopardy. Understanding all of the NCAA rules and regulations in conjunction with the WHL as well as the ins and outs of NCAA recruiting can be confusing. We will assure you that you have someone to turn to for correct information as well as marketing to help your son or daughter get to that next level as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Not only do we have the know-how of both the regulations and the game itself. We also have the connections from Jr A all the way to Major Junior to get you opportunities to showcase yourself and line up the right fit for you.

We take players’ careers and your investment very seriously and will always put in an immense amount of work to make hockey work for players, as long as they do.


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