Reps lead to CONFIDENCE

We always tell our players and teams, find the weakest part of your game and make it your strongest. Don’t avoid your drawbacks… winners identify, and ATTACK them. We had a U18 AA team struggling with puck movement. At the end of the day, passing dictates how fast we play as a team, and more specifically, how quickly we can transition from defence to offence.

During a session in early November, we did an experiment with the help of a spectator- in our 60 min session 1 random player delivered 253 passes- working from deliberate, through progressions, to game-like scenarios. Reps matter. They create feel, confidence, and fluidity. Kudos to the team for recognizing what’s limiting their game… it could be simpler than you think. This goes for any fundamental skill.

Instead of punishment, maybe players need more time developing the skill? Don’t be afraid to break it down to gain some momentum. Properly analyzing your team/athletes is critical to preparing them for the next level.

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