Killam All-Season Camp

CrossIce Developments is very proud to announce that they are putting on their first ever Atom/Peewee all-season skills camp this winter in Killam, Alberta- from 5:00pm-6:00pm every Wednesday at the Agriplex. This camp will offer players a huge opportunity to expand their skill set as well as correct any flaws they may have in their game, or just simply sharpen their personal skills that is not always available in a team environment.


Most Minor Hockey teams practice twice per week- meaning there is limited time to prepare players for the next weekend and generally speaking, 2 hours of ice is quite often not enough time to cover team systems and plays and the individual work on top of that. Not to discredit minor hockey coaches- as we do believe these people do amazing jobs working with their teams and making them collectively a better group of players. Improving the team in game situations as a whole and having every player on the team on board with positioning and passing- is every bit important as individual skill work. This All-Season Camp is an opportunity for players to get that extra edge in skill development and have the chance to dedicate one session per week to their own game and focus on themselves, to help them get better and to prepare them for what they want to play next season.


The purpose of camp is not to run flow drills or work on conditioning. Rather- it is primarily to work on player skill acquisition and development- and to make players personal weaknesses become one of their strongest assets. Whether it be the forward stride, edge work, puck handling, shooting- or something position specific like defenseman getting “cornered” when they are trying to break the puck out, forwards running out of room with the puck when they enter the zone, forwards not being able to get shots away quick enough, or D not getting shots through to the net- we will cover it all. Simply put- this camp is an investment into making you a more skilled and smarter hockey player.


  • 20 Hours of Skill Instruction
  • Small Camp Size- 20 Players only 
  • Guest Appearances from Jr. A and WHL Staff
  • Every Wednesday beginning October 3rd, and going until February 20th

12 Sessions Before Christmas- $360.00

8 Sessions After Christmas- $240.00

All 20 Sessions- $560.00


The Battle River Knights Hockey Association has assured us that this camp will not be affected or interfere with any Atom or Peewee Practices this season. Boys and Girls are welcome. 

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