Situational Habit Assessment Stat Analysis

We are extremely excited to announce- CrossIce Developments is raising the bar for individual development. Through the use of our newly developed and recognized habit-researched statistics, we can determine a players’ limitations and from this develop a customized development path for YOU specifically.  Learn how you can not just increase your skill set; but MANIPULATE the game into your control and build the habits to increase your game ability.

At CrossIce, we embrace working with our players for intimately rather than working on generic skill development where every one is working on the same skill. We like to use the analogy of taking your car to a mechanic shop for a new set of tires. How happy would you be as a customer, if you took your vehicle into a garage for a new set of tires, and instead they installed a new transmission? When you ask the service rep why they did that, he replies with, “well thats what we are doing with every vehicle in the shop today, so yours is no different.” Would you be satisfied with what you received? Would the issue that you went to the garage with be taken care of? Would your vehicle be in better condition when it left? No. We view hockey development the same way.

The value of individual development from the use of game video and then establishing a new pathway for your game- can not be emphasized enough. What do you need as a player, to minimize your offensive and defensive limitations? We are all about translating to a game and base ourselves off of game habits and real situations- not skill that you rarely use in a game. By offering analysis through our habit assessment stats, we are putting numbers behind habits so the feedback and analysis of your game that you get is supported by facts and not opinionated feedback.

As a result of these newly-formed stats that CrossIce has created through extensive research and insight, we can dissect where you are missing out on opportunities or what area may be hindering your growth or potential. It may be two sequences before the actual play- are you entering a situation in the wrong position or the wrong movement pattern? Is a habit in one area of your game causing the poor execution of the following skill?

Our plan from the stats are: How can we MAXIMIZE what is working, and how we can FIX what is not working?

The plan is executed as follows:

  1. 1 or 3 Game Analysis- either live filmed from CrossIce Developments using elite hockey editing software- or video sent to CrossIce for stat collection and habit analysis.
  2. Habit Assessment Stats and Analysis presented to the player- film clips broken down and walked through, statistics given to player for relevant data to relate to habits and areas for new pathways and to extend on positive possession and opportunity numbers.
  3. Create a Development Plan to work on specified areas of weakness indicated by the statistics. What habits do you need to adapt or change and what skills need to be acquired, in what order, to be sustained in order to create more opportunities. In what ways can you manipulate the game into your advantage?
  4. Individual On-Ice Sessions- we then take your tailored development plan to the ice to work on the areas of opportunity based off of your analysis- obtain the skills within the skills to separate yourself, work on executing them in game situations and maximizing your pathways to manipulate and put the game in your control.

A couple of examples of the habit-stats we analyze for players:

For forwards-  one of the 12 forward-stats we track is we break down what plays you make with the puck as you enter the offensive zone and calculate the percentages. Are you able to get yourself into a situation where you can shoot? Are you making plays to the middle? Are you being forced outside the dots and unable to make a play- resulting in neutral possession or a turnover? Are you delaying as a reaction to danger instead of as a tactical opportunity? We then see where you aren’t converting into success and then determine what stages of the play sequence can be changed and what habits you need to develop to be able to create a chain-reaction like succession so you can end up with favourable results as you enter the zone.

Defence- we measure how you minimize possession risks in your own end. When an opposing player has the puck down low or on the half wall in your own end, how often do you create a turnover or neutral possession, or allow a Grade A scoring chance or threat? Is it stick positioning, is it situational awareness, is it an angling or timing thing? Every body is different- for one defence man it can be one thing and for someone else it could be another. There are also 12 defence-stats that we track that can summarize your habits and overall ability so we can create your development plan.

Our stat line has been created and developed from extensive game research and off of the most common situations that separate an elite player from an average player. We also have determined what areas influence a major play 10, 20, or 30 seconds later. If a defenseman does not follow up a rush quickly, and there is a turnover, you now have poor gap while defending the rush which may lead to a high quality scoring chance against. We put numbers behind habits- and then know what will take your personal game to a level that will allow your game to take off.

Please contact us by calling 780-781-8004 or e-mailing for pricing and further details!

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