Christmas Skills Camp

CrossIce Developments is very excited to announce that we will be putting on a Bantam Christmas Skills Camp located in Penhold, AB from December 27-29. While during World Junior hockey time, this provides players with a perfect opportunity to step back mid-way through the season and work on what they need to individually. Lots of the time during the season players do not always work on their skills personally, due to the fact that practice time is dedicated strictly to team’s systems and game situational drills. How much time do you really have the chance to work on your own personal skills?

Camp will include 4 skates with Owner of CrossIce, Chance Szott, as well as Jr A and WHL staff that will maximize personal attention for players and therefore be able to break down the details of skills, so when players go back to their clubs after the break, they had the opportunity to sharpen up on some skills that were maybe holding them back from playing in certain situations they wanted to or as much as they would’ve liked. Whether your weakness is puck handling in tight areas, using your edges, or being able to shoot in stride, we will spend a maximum amount of time on it so you improve.

Furthermore, after the second skate of camp there will be an Information Session for both players and parents from a Junior A Coach as well as a member of a WHL Staff, to discuss the NCAA and WHL playing routes and how to know which one is for you. Also what each path entails, eligibility guidelines, how to get to each one and where it could lead you, educational requirements, and more. This is a prime opportunity for players and parents to soak in information from some very intelligent hockey minds about the different paths for Hockey and then the chance to ask questions about anything you may be wondering about either NCAA or the Western Hockey League.

Schedule of Camp is as follows:

Thursday, December 27-

9:30am-10:45am Ice session

Friday, December 28-

9:30am-10:45am Ice Session

11:00am-12:00pm Information Session

7:00pm-8:00pm Ice Session

Saturday, December 29-



Cost for each participant is $160. Register online under “Contact Us” or e-mail, or call 780-781-8004.

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