Camp Dates and Locations Announced!

Less then a week after launching the website, CrossIce Developments is very excited to announce that camp dates for August and September have been set. Whether you are from the Edmonton area, more Central Alberta, or East Central, we have a camp available for you to get your game to the next level and prepare you for your best season so far. We are totally invested in making each player at camp better, as long as they are willing to do the same. Camps have already started to fill so call or e-mail now to confirm a spot in whichever camp is most convenient for you. Call 780-781-8004 or E-Mail to register or find out more information regarding camp schedules. Check out our Events Page for camp dates/schedules as well.


AUGUST 9-12, 2018 – Leduc, Alberta. $175

CrossIce is offering two groups for this camp; Elite Bantam/Midget Prep, as well as Elite Midget/Junior Prep. This will be a very high end camp preparing elite level players for camps whether it be in the Western Hockey League, BCHL, AJHL, Midget AAA, or Bantam AAA. This is an excellent opportunity for players to fine-tune their game before camp and work on their game from multiple aspects; game situational, individual skill development, small area games, skating, and more. Partnered with Creator of DraftGeek Hockey Brennen York, players will be exposed to Junior Scouting and Experience and learn what teams and coaches are looking for at the next level. Camp is limited to 12 Forwards, 6 Defence, and 2 Goalies to keep it as regular-practice like as possible. Sessions will be ran similar to Junior practices, prepping players for what is about to come.

AUGUST 22-24, 27-28, 2018- Lacombe, Alberta. $150


Similar to the camp in Leduc, there will be two groups but will be targeted towards players more bound to play Minor Hockey this season rather then Junior, as indicated by the dates. After a long summer of training, players are ready to translate that onto the ice and get their feet moving and feel the puck again before try-outs begin. We work on personal game habits that will help you stand out and like our other camps, work on reading the play with and without the puck, skill work, game situations, and conditioning. This is a phenomenal opportunity for players to refine their skills prior to try outs and get their legs back under them to help them show their best in front of evaluators.


SEPTEMBER 4, 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 2018- Killam, Alberta. $175.

CrossIce is offering players in East Central Alberta a prime opportunity to learn from Junior Hockey experienced staff and current AJHL Scouts, and save some miles of driving to prepare for the upcoming season. We realize that players in this region are limited to ice during the summer, which is why we feel that by offering a camp in Killam prior to seasons opening up, we are giving these players the tools to improve as hockey players and prepare themselves so they can hit the ground running when try-outs start. Skating, puck movement, offensive/defensive specialized drills, skill work, and conditioning will all be worked on at this camp and will help players become better and offer them a tremendous resource close to home. Two groups will be ran; Atom/Peewee, as well as Bantam/Midget. Specific ice times on these dates are waiting to be confirmed.

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